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The Feature Presentation.

Movie night — The epitome of spending the night in.

A couple nights ago “Joe” came over we shared some dinner, wine, enjoyed watching a movie together, and obsessed over how incredibly blue Bradley Cooper’s eyes looked — ok that one was mostly me. It was a nice change of pace. I think it opened my eyes to a few things and allowed me to finally chill the fuck out. So yes, ok, I’ll admit it. This guy is cool, and well, I like him and I am excited over being able to get to know him better.

There I said it.

Phew. Ok, so the sky hasn’t crashed down upon my poor little head. I guess this is a good sign.

But you’re probably wondering what set this all off since the last time I mentioned him I felt as though we lacked a connection. Well, I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact that I can be a bit of a nervous wreck, and that I can be overly protective of myself. It’s a defense mechanism. I don’t want to get hurt, and quite frankly, the last few months of my life have been blissfully wonderful without having anyone constantly breathing down my neck (and I mean this in the most nonsexual way possible).

Anyways it began with a phone call. I was in a bit of a funk after finding out my grandmother was in the hospital. I’m not one to pour my problems onto someone I don’t know well, but sure enough he asked and listened willingly. And then he proceeded to be there if I needed anything (which I’m still not quite comfortable to take him up on). My first instinct was that he was just being nice. But about a week later he still remembered what was going on, and he asked how myself and my family was doing again.

Damn, I am such a sucker.

But you know what, this time I have no complaints.

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Zero Degrees.

So, the other night I went on a date with this fireman.

Can I be a total cliche and say that it lacked anything closely resembling a spark? To be honest, I am actually surprised that I didn’t catch a chill… and then die.

Now, I know of worse dating horror stories… but did those come complete with a born and raised Californian — with a Boston accent?

I think not.

I have heard of people catching on to the way the other people talk if they are around them often enough. But seriously? I mean, are you fucking kidding me?

I almost feel bad about writing about this (almost) because the guy wasn’t a bad guy. I mean, he saves burning buildings and cats out of trees and shit. Not to mention, he was really nice to look at for a few hours. But once I started to realize I was rolling my eyes whenever he wasn’t looking, or that I was continuously distracted by his guido chain, I knew it had happened — my first BAD date.

Jesus Christ. I’ll never complain about a guy not talking enough again, because boy, he could talk! And I tried really hard, scout’s honor, to try and have a good time and be engaged in the conversation, but I just wasn’t feeling it. But don’t worry, I was more than capable of saving face so that the night wasn’t any more awkward than it already was. He probably thought I had the time of my life. But between you and me, if I had to pick my favorite part of the date, I’d say it’s a tie between when I downed my second beer and when the night finally ended.

Tip #8: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Even if it’s a really hot, muscley, cover.


Third Time’s The Charm

After much thought, and an obnoxiously large amount of deliberating, I decided that going on a third date with “Joe” would be a good idea.

I think I made the right decision.

But let’s back track for a second: I am not the best when it comes to dating. In fact it terrifies me. Yep, I’m one of those girls that found herself in back to back long relationships (cue sob story music for shitty ex boyfriends) and therefore have no real experience with actual “dating”. Then I went on my long overdue Miss Independent stomp across the greater Los Angeles area. And THEN I decided I was ready to maybe try out dating — only to result in a panic that crippled me to the floor so fast that I realized I was probably a little more damaged than I cared to admit. Ok, maybe not damaged, but much much much more cautious than I used to be. So when it came to date #3, I found myself in a bit of a battle against myself. Part of me wanted to run away and hide, and the other part of me was way too curious to let the opportunity pass me by. I also had my trusty girlfriend to remind me of how happy I was after our last date. What happened to that version of me?

So I left it up to him.

If he could remember that we talked about going out again, I would. But I wasn’t going to say a word about it. Sure enough, he remembered and asked me if I was still up for it, so I said sure.

Well, let’s just say this guy knows me pretty well for not really knowing me (and I am not even sure if he is aware of how spot on he is). City lights on a Monday night is more than enough to make me swoon a bit (ok, a lot). He even remembered to call me on my birthday, which resulted in a big goofy grin and my girl friends getting way over excited over seeing me smile about a guy.

And now, supposedly, he wants to take me snowboarding, where I am positive I will proceed to kill myself on the side of a mountain. Hopefully he doesn’t mind cleaning up the mess.

Tip #7: Actions speak louder than words. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. It might lead to a fun new adventure.

Seconds, Please.

On Friday night I had my second date with the guy I met online (I think this guy needs a nickname or something — let’s call him Joe).

So Joe picks me up from my place. I normally would have strongly advised against giving out my address, but I figured that if he turned out to be insane and began to stalk me, the security guard outside could totally kick his face in (however, this would be horribly unfortunate because I had a great time and I particularly like his face).

We had another awesome dinner and fun story swapping time, which is something that I really enjoy.

Tip #5: Guys — girls can be just as easily won over through their stomachs. Either that, or a pair of shoes (I wear a 6.5 *wink*).

Dinner was followed by one of the best comedy shows I have ever experienced at The Laugh Factory. To top it off, my favorite comedian, Russell Peters, just so happened to be one of the special guests, who ironically we were talking about just a couple hours before he graced the stage. I promptly had to make sure I hadn’t shit myself over this perfectly pleasant surprise (I didn’t — phew!). Joe couldn’t have planned it better himself, but I am sure he was enjoying the fact I went completely bonkers over the mere mention of Russell’s name by the host, and the 10 million brownie points that automatically resulted from this.

By the end of the night I felt completely spoiled. I’d say the chance of a third date is looking good. So, I guess we’ll see what happens…

Tip #6: If you can make a girl laugh enough (for the right reasons), she being up for another date is pretty much guaranteed.



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The First, First Date.

So Tuesday was my first date with the guy that I met online… and it went great.

If I back track to earlier that day and relive how nervous and neurotic I was probably acting, I can even say that it went really great. The fact that I wasn’t stood up alone make its 100 times better, and I’ll admit that I was convinced that this would happen (because that would just be my luck).

We met at a local bar and shared some good food, drinks, and laughs. And I was surprisingly really comfortable, considering that the only interaction we had previously were emails, one phone call, and a couple text messages. The awkwardness lasted maybe about 2.5 seconds when we first saw each other and I briefly hesitated  to go in for a hug (I can sometimes be a little too friendly — he didn’t mind).

I guess all those nonsense compatibility questions that had me pulling my hair out really worked. I probably had about 5 “what the fuck is going on” moments that night — and I mean that in a good way.

This meet up went so well, in fact, that we are going on another date tomorrow night. I wasn’t sure what it was that I was expecting to come from this encounter. But I like where it is going.


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