Dating sucks.

But not for the reasons you may be assuming (although those are all quite valid). Let’s face it — most of us are focused on our careers and simply making rent at the end of the month. The majority of our time is spent working and climbing that ever extending ladder of success, and most likely, the kind of people you actually want to meet are too busy doing the same exact thing as you.

I recently moved out to an apartment in LA (with the adorable, but ironic, unit #143) to do just this  – cue in the cliche little-girl-in-the-big-city scenario — and surprisingly have found meeting new people a little more difficult that I had originally imagined. Sure, I made plenty of new friends and I have absolutely wonderful coworkers. I go out, share laughs, make memories, all that jazz. But being single and surrounded by people who are either already shacked up, or just as focused on other things as I am… well, you don’t really find yourself in too many opportunistic situations when it comes to dating.

So here lies the dilemma: when do you have the time to actually meet a decent person?

Sure, at the end of the week you are more than deserving to go to your favorite bar, but the pickings are slim. Cheesy pick up lines, creepy stares, and an insufferable amount of cologne stench are not what I work my ass off for. Even if you’re not looking, there is nothing wrong with receiving a little attention from someone who doesn’t look like they are about to eat you (and I mean this is the least sexiest way imaginable).

I have always been skeptical, critical, and perhaps a little inclined to laugh if someone were to ever bring up online dating. I mean seriously, it’s like you are completely cheating the system… the entire balance of nature has been tipped! But alas, I am constantly hearing about more and more people trying it and — gasp! — actually liking it. Arguably, it is just proof that our society is evolving (or deteriorating… however you wish to see it). Everything operates online — massive companies, job hunting, paying bills, communicating with family and friends. Why not dating?

And here is where I find myself.

After a couple glasses of wine I get this startling and curious idea. What if I made an account? Is it possible to actually meet someone and get along with them based on a photo and a few choice adjectives? Let’s find out…

This blog is my account of my experience in the world of online dating. Consider it a bit of a social experiment which will hopefully provide some interesting adventures for me, and some laughs for you. Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Make sure you are careful dating online, you could end up with a 50 year old rapist that throws you in the boot of the car.

    Trust me! *rubs behind*

    It can work out, I know people that have met people online, it’s easier to meet people online because if you don’t like them you can simply block them out, they say there are risks but there’s risks in the real world too! Good luck to you ma’am!

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