Let’s Take A Walk.

A couple nights ago I was walking over to my friends’ apartment, when suddenly, my solo journey became an unexpected duo.

“Excuse me. Would you mind if I walked with you for a minute?”

“Um… ok.”

“I just wanted to ask: What ethnicity are you?”

The old me would normally scoff at such an encounter. But the new me (I’m trying, alright) decided that this could possibly be an interesting experience that I would have otherwise completely missed out on. Also, I LOVE when people ask me about my ethnicity, it’s one of my favorite games — since no one ever gets it right.

SPOILER ALERT: I’m half Chinese, and half everything that is white.

It’s really not that exciting. I liked it better when someone was convinced I was Puerto Rican… I know, right?!

Anyways, so I responded with my classic, and totally predictable, response of:


Wrong. Wrong again. Close, but still wrong.

So, I finally relinquished my not-so-epic secret identity. Small talk ensued. Turns out were in the same industry (supposedly) — which really isn’t a surprise. I mean honestly, why can’t I meet a doctor in LA? Probably because they wouldn’t be caught dead walking the streets of North Hollywood, on a weekday night, and attempting to pick up on a young woman — especially if that woman happened to be me, because quite frankly, I am still convinced that I lack in the luck department.

We finally reached his stop, which thankfully was before mine. He asked how he could get a hold of me, you know, for work purposes (yeah, right). So I gave him my email address, which he attempted to memorize since neither of us had a pen.

I didn’t bother to correct him when he repeated it wrong. But, I’ll at least admit that it was interesting company for a couple blocks.

Oh yeah, and I’m having a movie night with “Joe” tonight. Bet you didn’t see that one coming….


2 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Walk.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    And there’s me thinking you were Eskimo! You’d never get anyone randomly coming up to you and talking to you in England.

    Unless it was a Friday/Saturday night and drunk people were yelling “GET YER TITS AAAART LOVE!” or if you were walking the streets in the day and people were trying to sell you something to do with charity.

    If you’re not in the first two categories, then you’re a stalker/rapist/freak.

  2. LadyT says:

    haha i love random moments like this… yay for being open minded!

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