Secrets Don’t Make Friends.

This was left in front of my door sometime this afternoon/early evening. Inside it has some sort of homemade chocolate candy. No note, no name, no nothing.


Now, I can honestly say that none of the guys that I have met have been to my apartment, so there is no way that it could be from them. Also, unless you live in my building, you can’t exactly just walk in. So, then I thought that perhaps a neighbor left it, except that I haven’t really spoken to, or met, any of my neighbors other than during those awkward moments in the elevator — and even after thinking about those people, the chances of it being any of them is highly unlikely.

So, this is my conclusion:

1. Someone left this at my door by accident, and the poor fool who is actually trying to impress someone completely failed.

– or-

2. My neighbors are tired of me playing my music too loudly and are attempting to poison me.

But as random as this little incident is, it made me think about the entire “secret admirer” scenario (and this goes for both men and women). There are so many different (and better) ways to go about this. The gesture itself is close to hitting the mark, but you should really leave some sort of hint or indication that: A. it’s for the person. and B. that it’s not a delicious and chocolatey murder weapon. If you don’t know the person’s name, get creative and put something on it! How about “for the lovely lady”. Actually, scratch that since it’s equally creepy. But seriously, leaving an unmarked black box in front of my door makes me think “bomb threat” before “gesture of admiration”.

With that being said, I didn’t quite know what to do with it. I’m not comfortable with eating it, and I would feel like a complete ass if I took it when in actuality it was made for someone else. So, I decided on leaving it where it was, with a note asking “who are you?”. If it was a mistake, maybe they will realize it and give it to it’s rightful owner. If it is meant for me (with good intentions), well then I encourage you to try again. And hopefully I can meet you!

Or if it is someone that I do know…. well then I am just baffled. And incredibly curious.


3 thoughts on “Secrets Don’t Make Friends.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    3. Stalker!

    Haha you left a note “Who are you?” I’d love it if you got a note back and you just ended up having a conversation via a box of chocolates!

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