The Fork In the Road.

If I have done my math right (and there is a huge chance that I didn’t), it appears as though my subscription is about to end, and I haven’t decided whether or not I want to renew (I am also, admittedly, being a tad cheap).

While I can easily say that my experience so far has been good, or at least far more entertaining than I ever could have hoped, I am still not sure of whether or not it’s worth it. I had hoped that I would be, but I’m still a fucking skeptic about the whole process.

Sure, I met a really nice guy. We enjoy hanging out, it’s looking like a third date is going to happen, and I’m definitely curious and interested enough to see where this goes. I guess the question is whether or not I want to attempt the old fashioned meet-a-guy-randomly type of thing (which I am absolutely horrible at, naturally). Whether or not a girl will admit it, we all want to have that hopeless romantic, When Harry Met Sally, moment. I know, it’s gross.

Just to try and see if I was a little more capable after this month long ego boost, I attempted to see if I could get a random guy at the market to talk to me (or hell, even look at me).

Of course I failed.

And before you think I’m parading around the store looking for attention, I wasn’t. I just so happened to pass by a guy and thought “Hey, this could possibly be a good opportunity.” Nope, nothing. Maybe I should just browse the liqueur isle a bit more — then again, what I have learned from that little scenario is that guys prefer my best friend wearing the sweat pants.

Go me.


One thought on “The Fork In the Road.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    What did you say to said guy in the supermarket?

    How much is it for a subscription? You could see how things go with the guy you’ve been out with, but also, you could renew your subscription and chat up some wierdo’s and post the types of responses you get back, I know my day would be made if someone said “I LUV BADGERS!”

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