Ring Ring.

As it turns out, I am a little more gutsy than I had originally thought. Then again, being separated by a computer screen can give you all kinds of courage, kind of like a nice stiff drink (Mmm… whiskey, anyone?).

See, believe it or not, I have been emailing back and forth with a guy that actually really peaked my interest. He was one of the first guys I came into virtual contact with and pretty much the only one that I have been able to carry an entertaining conversation with (note: not to be confused with the guy I had previously exchanged numbers with. He was nice enough, but conversation with him felt more like extracting teeth). So I asked him is he wanted to exchange numbers.

Yeah, I pretty much threw out the entire “wait for the guy to make the first move” premise out the window. So, sue me.

Last night we had out first phone call and I’d say it went really well. First off, this guy is hysterical so that’s an automatic 10 brownie points in my book. Also, I have a pretty sarcastic, and sometimes (ok, usually) raunchy, sense of humor — 10 more brownie points for picking up on that and not censoring yourself after only about 15 minutes of conversation.

Naturally, we decided we should meet. And naturally, I’m busy as hell. Poor guy probably thinks I am a hot mess and a work-a-holic, which is kind of true at the moment (I was referring to being a work-a-holic, but technically this could apply to both). But, that didn’t seem to bother him much. He was more than willing to work it out for what worked for me (another 10 points). So, we set a date for next week! Well, more of a “let’s meet at a bar and kick back a couple beers” which is totally fine with me!

But, HOLY SHIT! — I have a date.

Fuck…. now I need to shave my legs.


4 thoughts on “Ring Ring.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Half of me hopes your date goes really well, the other half hopes it doesnt because then you won’t have a need for dating sites anymore and then no need to blog 😦

    But good luck on your big date! When is it? Is it with The Shizz?

  2. laurenashley says:

    haha aww have no fear! If it goes well and I find that I have no need to go on any more online escapades, I am sure I will find someone else to blog about.

    And no, it is most certainly not with The Shizz lol

  3. joelyroely says:

    Awesome post 🙂 I hope the date goes well 😀

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