The Big Exchange.

So, it appears that I got a little ballsy last night and actually decided to exchange numbers with someone. So far it hasn’t back fired. In fact, it was all very…. anticlimatic.

I’m not quite sure what I expected to happen — perhaps a better conversation (is that even possible when you are only switching from email to texting?). It wasn’t even that it was a bad one, it just wasn’t interesting. It was more than obvious that neither of us knew what to really talk about with each other. Maybe since he offered his number up first I thought he would try and take charge of the conversation and try to get to know me or something. Or maybe I was just too tired from work to really care to attempt to save my first stab at taking a conversation offline.

Or maybe the fact that he realized that I am in complete work-a-holic mode just turned him off. Honestly, is being an ambitious woman that terrible? I mean, I make my own money and I’ll still make you brownies. Sounds like a win-win to me. However, I could just be biased because I do love me some brownies.

Now, this guy isn’t a bad one. There was no stick-out undesirable quality about him other than the fact he isn’t Hugh Jackman (but I can forgive him that). But I’m not one to try and force chemistry when there isn’t any.

On to the next.

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3 thoughts on “The Big Exchange.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    You should advertise this more on the forums because you deserve more followers!

    Are any of these people in close proximity to you as well? Because you don’t want to find a guy and then find out he’s a few hundred miles away!

    Wait until you’re not in full work mode and then try texting!

  2. laurenashley says:

    haha ok, I’ll make sure to advertise a bit more. I’m glad you think I am so deserving!

    Andy yes, these people are definitely close enough to me where if anything where to spark it would be a possibility to actually meet without having to drive miles away. Unfortunately for me, and the industry I am in, I will always be in work mode. So I just need someone that is ok with that!

    • Pete Howorth says:

      Definitely deserving, it keeps me entertained at work (rather than actually doing any work!) 😀

      Ahh I’m sure most men are fine with a woman being in work mode, I wish I had a work mode, I arrive to work, sit down at my desk and read WordPress all day!

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