The Instadate.

We live in a society that is used to having instant everything:

Instant messaging.

Instant media streaming.

Instant coffee.

Hell, we even have instant fucking noodles!

So, I guess it really wouldn’t take long before someone tried to pull the “instadate”. But Lauren, what exactly are you talking about? The “instadate” is a term I am officially coining (can I get a t-shirt, please?!) to describe the nice way people let you know that they are alone, bored, and want to take you out — this instant! And by taking you out, I mean: find out where you live, attempt to get you horribly drunk, and then reveal that they are actually an ax murderer. Go figure.

So, for example:

Want to go out and grab drinks tonight? i can pick you up jeans and a t shirt ok

Just a little extra tid bit — this message was sent at around 1:30 in the morning. Honestly, did you think I was sitting on my computer, staring at this dating site, and just waiting for someone ask to pick me up for drinks at this hour. No, I was sleeping. And did this guy honestly believe I would wake up, read this message, and think this was a good idea? I seriously think that these sites need a handbook because people seem to have lost all concept on how to talk to other people. But then again, I’d probably have nothing to blog about if there was such a handbook. And quite frankly, that would just be a shame (jk!).

You want to take someone out, but can’t figure out why no one ever says yes? Try to get to know her. I hate to break it to you, but even in a world where everything is instant, there is no such thing as instant gratification.


2 thoughts on “The Instadate.

  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Sleeping?! You should be dressed up and waiting patiently by the computer obviously! Sort it out!

  2. Ajarn Eric says:

    Ah, a rookie mistake. His message is missing a “just a head’s up” for starters 🙂

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